Out with the old in with the new…

Well, I leave to take my last final in about 20 minutes, then I will REALLY be ready for this baby. I have most of the things I will  need and am slowly getting mentally prepared as well. I have been visualizing embracing the feelings of labor and have been getting the opportunity to practice. When ever I feel discomfort due to pregnancy sometimes I can feel myself hunching over and sabotaging my posture, crouching in fear if you will. Then I make a conscious choice to stand up tall and have confidence and know that I can handle anything that will happen.

I am very excited now to just relax and make my home a nest and get prepared for this new little life to care for. Next semester I have all online classes so I will have ample time just relax and enjoy taking care of our new baby.

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We moved…

…to a beautiful house! We are ALL so happy to get out of that small stuffy little place and get into something a little more roomy. The kids are having a blast and love the glassed in porch we made into their playroom. The hardwood floors and inordinate amount of storage are my favorite things. The kitchen is small and tucked away but still has more counter space and definitely more cabinet space than the last place. We are so so so happy and finally are settled in. We still live really close to a park and library and moving has only added 5 minutes to our school commute. The weather has been super nice and we have been thoroughly enjoying the abundance of windows in this place, except for the fact that fruit flies can fit through the screens. The yard is huge and we have a front and back porch. I am so thrilled if you can’t tell, we have been waiting for years to find a place like this, and our landlord is awesome and an honest guy, it doesn’t get much better than that.



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Glorious Birthday

So many wonderful things happened today on my birthday. The most miraculous is that it rained here in Texas and the temp didn’t break 100 which it has been doing for some time now.

My husband made me crepes for breakfast, an ooey gooey brownie, his yummy nachos that I love, and a delicious sweet and sour tempeh stir fry that we ate by candle light.

We got to talk with our neighbor for a bit and I talked with my mom on the phone. We always end up talking about my birth, which I think is great. I got lots of sweet cards from my family. Even the baby was kicking more times today than in all that I have felt, perhaps a special birthday hello, or a “thanks for the endorphins mom”. Either way it was nice.

I certainly feel special today, I dressed up a bit, put on earrings and everything. Abbi saw this other dress in my room and said I should change because that one was more cute, I did. The strange change in weather makes me feel as if I even have a special place in the heart of the Creator.

I had a very happy day.

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Gosh, it’s hot.

Things have been so very busy this summer. Adam and I are both in summer classes and between that and trying to keep the kids busy indoors, we have very little time left over.

We have still been cooking up a storm. We have experimented with vegan cannolis, tempeh nachos, vegan gumbo, and so many other things. Oh we also created this veggie hot pocket which is kind of like a mini calzone. Adam makes a fantastic filling with mushrooms and spinach and I make the dough and fold them. We have been harvesting jalapenos from the garden for nachos which is my favorite thing we make right now.

I can’t wait for fall and being able to get outside again.

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Starting our garden

I have enjoying this nicer weather so much and spending as much time outside with the kids doing yard work as much as possible. My winter plants that were stunted by the cold weather and snow are now flourishing I am so excited!

I also bought some tulips and daffodils to brighten the place up and also a rose plant. We built an asparagus bed and also remade our composting set up.

Can’t wait until we can plant out all the peppers we have sprouting! Hot sauce this year is going to be awesome.

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Snow days

What a wonderful surprise week of vacation from school! We got to veg out and bake and cook for 4 days straight. Adam had a blast making chains for his bike tires, (he made some for his friend too, will post pics if i can) and riding all over town when ever he could. He would say “Do you need anything from the store because I’m going“. Looks like we may have another day off or two this week, looking forward to any time I can spend home with my family instead of running around. I would much rather ride my bike to school when it is warm too. :)

Adam got new parts for my bike and made it all purple just for me, he is so thoughtful.

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New Year

Winter vacation, so glad the semester is over and now we have four weeks to just relax (and for me work lots of extra shifts) and get ready for next semester. I am enjoying the cool weather, but sad that many of my vegetables did not survive. Looking forward to the new year as an opportunity for profound growth as a human and unification with my partner.

My goals include:

  • Developing my self-reflection and self-discovery skills
  • Quashing my ego drives and also my conditioned reactions/ideals
  • Reading more (the synchronicity of the books I have been reading has been so inspiring, I do not want to stop!)
  • Becoming one with my husband and repairing any damage done due to negative societal conditioning
  • Connecting to other individuals who are on the same path and are able to move forward with me
  • Getting serious about exercising, stretching and meditating; I’d love to do chi gong
  • Develop my professional career by continuing my education and networking with in my agency
  • Loving everyone and treating all circumstances as positive lessons from which we can all draw insight

I have so many more I may have to edit at a later date as they come to me. I want this year to be filled with positivity and growth.


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